Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Raj Inaugurates

I arrived at the mall at the crack of dawn to witness a highly disappointing turnout. Only around 2 million arrived, slightly lower than a Wednesday at Pondi Bazaar. We stood in the sub-frigid temperature for over 5 hours to hear Barack Obama order us that we need to do more work. Also, it was interesting to hear 2 million people boo President Bush and Vice President Cheney. I haven't heard anyone receive such a poor reception since Ricky Ponting during the 3rd Test against India early last year in Delhi. I enjoyed overhearing the conversations amongst Congresspersons, where I am certain that Senator John McCain asked another person, "Have you ever heard of fight club?" This was independently verified by three people around me in the audience, as well as my cameraman Walt. I have yet to confirm if this Upper House Fight Club had anything to do with the seizures occuring today in Sen. Kennedy and Sen. Byrd. I will try to get tickets to the Inauguration Ball, and upon approval of my parents, a date!

Love, Raj

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