Friday, January 16, 2009

Raj Goes to DC

This is a repeat of my previous post, as JR has informed me that most of the readers can't read Hindi. I say, what is the point writing a blog for illiterates? Anyway, here is what I said in English.

My name is Raj Sivaraman. I am the Chief South Asian Political Correspondent for Boston News Net. JR has asked me to blog about my trip down to Washington DC for the inauguration of President Barack Obama. Currently I am on a Bolt Bus heading to New York, where I will spend the night at a lovely hotel called Grand Central Station. Then the next day, I will take the bus down to Washington, where I will go report. Expect more highlights of my trip to come. Hope everyone is enjoying their Pongal celebrations. I'm not. I'm on a bus.
Love, Raj.

BNN Headline News - Cold Weather Increases Cursing on American Sidewalks

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