Monday, January 19, 2009

Raj Goes to DC

Today is my first full day in Washington DC. Today was the National Day of Service as decreed by his majesty Barack Obama. I have dutifully served my masters at Boston News Net and begin acquiring insightful interviews. I met one man who lost his investment banking job, and several beautiful young women. One group actually was staying with my former roommate from IIT (Kumar from White Castle). I did not witness much other service outside of the police who were quite jovial. I asked one if I may film the Supreme Court, and he told me "Move Along, Sir". Such a gentleman! We had lunch at a place called Nando's which had a delicious cheese and mushroom wrap. I highly recommend it! And for dinner, we went to a Subway and had their Vegetarian Sandwich. Delicious! Don't worry, JR, I've saved the receipts.

Raj Sivaraman

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