Sunday, January 18, 2009

Raj Goes to DC (Day 3)

SNOW! New York City is covered with a blanket of this filthy grey fluff. I am told that it is supposed to be white, but in Boston and New York, it is always grey. Perhaps I am colourblind (much like the Americans who voted for Obama)? Nevertheless, I made it to the correct Sbarro, and jumped onto the bus (not literally, for if I did, I would likely fall as my shoes were so slippery). The bus ride was quite pleasant, despite the fact that I stopped several times due to the bathroom locking itself. We had lunch at a Burger King, which had a Veggie Burger which was quite delicious, proving that nobody makes food quite like royalty. I arrived into DC late in the afternoon after missing a very big concert and Barack Obama’s speech. Apparently he will be giving 124 speeches over the week. He likes to talk more than JR likes to lick himself. More importantly, I missed Josh Groban! He sings comparable to Abu Malik, but more pleasant and less Muslim. Looking forward to spending Martin Luther King Day in DC!


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