Friday, January 16, 2009

I told you I was right

So I’m sure all seen the news that the Hudson River had to be used as an emergency landing strip. The good news is that everyone seems to be ok. The even better news is that this proves I was right. You see most news outlets are reporting that this was as accident. But it wasn’t. It was a deliberate attack on our sovereignty by a highly organized group. A group that I warned us all about in a Week In Fucked back in April. If you can’t remember here’s the clip.

Most people, including JR, thought the idea was crazy. That birds were our enemy and that we needed to defend ourselves against them. But who’s laughing now? If you walk outside you’ll hear who, the honking goose, the quacking duck, the cawing seagull. Yup, all of bird-dom is celebrating this victory. And this will only be the first. If you’re smart, you’ll listen to me this time. This is why we need guns. Or at least more cats.


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