Saturday, January 17, 2009

Raj Goes to DC Day 2

Day 2

If you are unfamiliar with whom I am, I am Raj Sivaraman. I am the Boston News Net South Asian Head Correspondent. I told previous readers yesterday that I was on a bus going to New York. I spent one night at Grand Central Station (point of order – it is NOT a hotel, JR). I went to the Bolt Bus stop next to Sbarro, but apparently it was the wrong stop (or the wrong Sbarro, I am not sure). So, they said that they will put me on tomorrow’s bus to Washington, DC. So, I have to spend one more night in this wretched city that so desperately wishes to be Mumbai, yet never will be. However, I do like this restaurant called Copper Chimney in “Little India” on 126 E 28th Street. FIRST CLASS! With their delicious appetizers under $10, and entrees under $20, it’s the one place in New York that you get REAL quality for your money! You can call for reservations at (212) 213-5742. I think I may go back to stay at the Grand Central Station anyway. Those wooden pews were quite comfortable.

Love, Raj.

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