Thursday, January 29, 2009

Big Brother soon to be watching hippies, commies, and hobos

The people of the Republic of Cambridge, the most freedom loving city in the country (unless you are a smoker or a republican), are in a tizzy over plans to install 8 city surveillance cameras. Residents are concerned that the cameras will be used to spy on citizens as opposed to as a tool for emergency responders.

Cambridge police and fire representatives responded to those fears by assuring everyone that the cameras suck.

I don't think you can see any people in the street in great details," said [Cambridge Fire Chief Gerald] Reardon. "If we were being graded on surveillance [with these cameras], we would get an 'F.'"

I for one hope that the cameras do not suck. I hope they have high resolution cameras and post them in Central and Inman Squares. I think the hobo-cam could replace the void in my life present ever since work blocked the puppy cam.

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