Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Most Dangerous Place in Cambridge

The most dangerous place in Cambridge is not near the methadone clinic or late night by the Charles river, but in a Central Square fast food establishment.

In the past week, the rash of fast food related crimes included:

What is it about McDonald's and Wendy's that gets the inhabitants of Central Square so pissed off? Is it trans fats? Is it the fact that people are disappointed that the fast food establishments aren't the multi-racial utopia of hotness as they are portrayed in the advertising? Are people still looking for a proper outlet for their grief at Dave Thomas's passing from a heart attack likely caused by eating the very food he sold?

We at BNN won't rest until we find out. Until then, we are going deep undercover by ordering off the dollar menus.


Geo said...

So, What crimes have been attributed to the methadone clinic or their patients?

This is a medical facility that is helping people with their disease. Very much the same kind of people who attend 12 Step meetings. They have jobs, families, hopes and wishes.

Walter Genius said...

I must disagree with your proposition that the Charles River actually is responsible for violent acts. As a purely inert object it is not the Charles River that kills people, it is people who kill people.