Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Live Free or Die?

New Hampshire, formerly known as the land of the free, is considering imposing new measures to curb drunken driving in the state. Eddie Edwards, New Hampshire's to liquor enforcer suggested that bars and restaurants should limit their patrons to one alcoholic drink per hour. That is right, the Granite State is considering imposing mandatory nursing in it watering holes.

If New Hampshire is really serious about curbing drinking and driving it might want to consider taking a few alternative measures.
  • It should mandate either that the people of New Hampshire become more attractive or, in the alternative, become more easy. This would cut down on the need for alcohol on dates at restaurants.
  • The state could also mandate that the state itself be way less depressing. Have you ever driven through New Hampshire? I get "thirsty" the second I hit the border.
  • Also, if he is really interested in curbing drunken driving, Eddie Edwards might want to consider the state run liquor stores accessible from major highways. Just a thought.

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