Monday, February 9, 2009

Econ 911: Economy hurting infidelity

The Boston Herald is reporting that the economy is really killing infidelity.

With the economy on the downswing, the cottage industry related to lust and infidelity is badly in need of a stimulus. The first sign of the lust-pocalypse was Larry Flynt, the publisher of Hustler, calling for a pornography bailout.

This report by the Herald shows that teh economy is not only hurting erotic fantasies, but are affecting the real deal. Private investigators report 50% less business tracking adulterers. And those cases they do get are no longer the subject of interesting Mike Hammer stories:

DiNatale explained he used to make a killing tailing “people where daddy has a
girlfriend and the girlfriend is living in a condo that daddy bought.” But
now, he says, “I’ll see a guy and a woman jump into a guy’s pickup truck and go

So the economy is hurting several industries

  • Condo sales and motel rentals
  • Presents and financial support for mistresses, which in turn creates an uptick in unemployment
  • the adultery hospitality industry: there is no need to go to rpicy secluded restaurants now that the only people going out are non-adulterers
  • Couples therapy guys only go into couples tehrapy when tehy have been caught cheating

This is just a short list of the economic havoc wreaked by the lust-pocalypse. Gentlemen, please heed the call of BNN's own Cynthia Lyster and go out and have affairs:

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