Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Middle Schoolers Are Totally Pedophiles

Is this really a thing?

The Boston Herald is reporting the outbreak of a phenomena known as "sexting." Six middle school boys, between the ages of 12-14, will soon face child pornogrophy charges in Falmouth District Court. The charges stem from one of the boys taking a nude photo of his 13 year old girlfriend and sending it to his friends.
Columbia University Professor Sari Locker said surveys suggest one in five teens has sent or received nude or semi-nude pictures. “When boys receive a nude picture of a girl, they think the next time they see her they can go further with her in a sexual way than before,” she said. “It becomes an invitation to advance a sexual relationship.” But Locker said she believes criminal charges are excessive: “Clearly these boys are not sexual predators or pedophiles."
These children need to be punished. If not, they will grow up spoiled as hell. It took until my senior year of college for me to get a cell phone, let alone a consensually attained naked picture of a woman i knew.

Kids these days.

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