Thursday, March 19, 2009

Jerks and the Women Who "Love" Them, Part II

Edward Okun, holder of trophy wife Simone Bolasi (both pictured right), was convicted by a federal jury in Miami of stealing $132 million in a modest Ponzi scheme. One of Okun's victims is local Braintree auto dealer Daniel Quirk, owner of Quirk Auto Inc, Quirk Ford, and, oddly, the Fore River Shipyard.

A few thoughts

  • You know the saying, "you can't shit a shitter"? Must not be true. A car magnate got scammed.
  • Is there a place where one gets trophy brides, and, if so, where is it and how much do i need to make in order to get one? Do I need a million dollars? Is it the horrible place on that Bravo show?
  • What is the over/under on how many times Simone Bolasi visits Mr. Okun in prison? Is it 0.5? If so, TAKE THE UNDER.
  • I also think there is a direct correlation between the quality of a trophy wife and the quality of the business man who holds the trophy wife on his arm. If the trophy wife looks like she was previously a stripper or the daughter of Hulk Hogan or has fake breasts the size of water melons, the dude is probably not on the up and up. The Miami jury could have convicted based on that alone.

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