Monday, March 9, 2009

Criminal Genius - Mattapan Edition

Everyone knows that the New England area has some of the most brilliant minds around. Our institutions of higher learner are without peer. Our intellectual history includes such giants as Holmes, Emerson, and the rest of the Dante Club.
What is less well known is that we also have some of the smartest law breakers around. Take, for examine, Mattapan resident Maxwell O. Thomas. This weekend the police arrested him for allegedly running an illegal after-hours bar in the basement of his house. The Herald reports that after the police arrested Thomas, brought him to the police station and began the process of booking him, Thomas made a brilliant move.
While being booked and making his one allowed phone call, Thomas was overheard saying he had stashed additional money under a brick near the house, cops said. Officers at the scene located $450 in the hiding spot, according to a police report.
While in the police station he tipped the police off on where the cash from his illegal bar was stashed.
True Genius.

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