Sunday, April 13, 2008

News That's Almost Entirely Accurate

Ah, Sunday morning. I'm not even hungover. That can only mean one thing: I'm so broke I couldn't even afford to buy vanilla extract (anyone remember the Family Ties episode where Tom Hanks drinks estarct secretly, destroying Alex P Keaton's trust forever and ever?).

But it means something else! The brand new Boston News Net blog. The show is slowly evolving, and this blog is another step towards building a community of people who think the news is funny, especially when its on a TV.

Have news? Share it. As we develop, we'll start pulling more and more people on to the writing staff. With more people, it'll mean more stories to pull from and more time to devote to bringing the standard of the show up to a level so high that we can start being rude to people at exclusive restaurants. Like Sonsie. Who the fuck goes to Sonsie? I want to be able to drink there with my fly open or perhaps one testicle rakishly peeking over my waistband. And when people look askance, I can say "I'm with the staff of Boston News Net, so scamper off and shell me some pistachios before you're battered by your own sense of fecklessness, induced by the aura of elan and elitism bestowed on me via work with the BEST LIVE NEWS SHOW PRODUCED IN BOSTON ON A SATURDAY IN AN IMPROV THEATER THAT IS TITULARLY LOCATED IN BOSTON BUT IS ACTUALLY IN CAMBRIDGE." Ladies, feel free to substitute whatever parts you feel necessary.

Let's get to work.

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