Thursday, April 17, 2008

CN8's Barry Nolan Discovers Journalistic Integrity, Big Brass Balls

Did you know that Boston has local Emmy's? I wonder if the statue is made out of beans? Get it, for Beantown! Not funny, huh? Well, it would probably kill at those Emmy's, which are probably held in a hall somewhere that smells like farts and old.

Oh, but here's the breaking news reported by the Herald:
CN8’s Barry Nolan says Bill O’Reilly is “a mental case" This probably isn't the worst thing that anyone's ever called Mr. O'Reilly, but you have to give Barry some credit for making an attempt.

“I am appalled, just appalled,” Nolan told the Track. “He inflates and constantly mangles the truth . . . and his frequent target is the ‘left-leaning’ media - the ones who do report the news fairly. And those are the same people who will be sitting in the room honoring him.”

Well, "honoring" might be a stretch. Maybe they're just desperate to get someone kind of famous, since few Boston-bred celebrities will make the trip back to be honored at Boston's Local Emmys. It's being held at the Marriott, after all. I know Boston doesn't have a ton of swank places to hold a fete (no offense Dillboy VFW of Somerville), but if you want to pull in big names, maybe they should hold it at the Four Seasons or The Taj - but the Marriott? Do you think Affleck and Damon are going to hop in a jet to get honored at hotel that charges extra for pillow cases that don't have jiz on them? Maybe the guy from The Commish would, but that's another story.

Anyway - here's to you, Barry Nolan. And when CN8 fires you for having the audacity to criticize someone with national television coverage, please feel free to join us at BNN. You can call O'Reilly all the names you want. We promise!

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