Monday, May 5, 2008

Breaking news: Status quo preserved at the VA!

If you haven't heard, the Boston Globe is reporting that the US Department of Veterans Affairs has dropped plans to consolidate the four medical centers in the Greater Boston area into one medical center. This is great news, because four poorly located and difficult to get to facilities are certainly better than one-- I mean, really: Bedford, Brockton, West Roxbury and Jamaica Plain. Those are the locations? Have you ever tried to get to any of those places during daylight hours? The only possible way they could have made it more difficult to get to a VA Hospital would be to have centralized operations on Georges Island and set the ferry boats on fire. And Fort Warren is certainly a lot more charming than the West Roxbury facility, a place with all the architectural distinction of a Soviet department store. 

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JR Strauss said...

I hope this doesn't fuck up the drive-through.