Friday, May 16, 2008

Billy Bob Neck - Homobama Loves Nazis


President Bush is right. Barack Osama Homo bin Laden loves Nazis and any group that wants to destroy America. In his Happy Birthday speech in front of the Jews, President Bush showed just what a moron Homo bin Laden is. The left-handed negro would rather sell America out for thirty pieces of pita bread than displease his Muslim masters. The United States ain’t gonna negotiate with terrorists and thugs. We never done it before and we ain’t gonna start now. President Bush has always stood on the side of doing good things and protecting them that needs it. That’s the whole reason that we’re in Iraq to begin with – to stop the hurting. And if the Iranians is hurting under the iron, Jew-hating first of Akmadinejerk then we’re gonna help them out, too.

Briefly Patriotic - Homobama Loves Nazis

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