Monday, June 9, 2008

Finally the GOP is Embracing the Revolution

From the Old Gray Lady's lobotomized younger sister:

The red T-shirts worn by Bobby Jindal's supporters declared "Louisiana Revolution," with the candidate's features imposed on the famous two-tone visage of Che Guevara.

That unusual profile - a 36-year-old Indian-American religious conservative - has launched a prospective vice presidential candidacy. Jindal is imagined as a possible counterpart to Barack Obama's novelty, the Republicans' own jarringly fresh front man for a party looking to redefine itself.

At long last, the aging boomer white male's brain may wrap around his head and explode into a Reagan-shaped mist. A red shirted mob referencing Che in support of an Indian (no, not those ones) in Louisiana? And he's the good guy? Religious conservative, too, but what religion? Seems here the only logical thing to do is start spreading the Jindal/Muslim meme. Hell, Barry Goldwater was half Jewish and most 60s Republicans thought he'd be taking orders from Moses or Mel Brooks. Appalachians might stone Jindal.

Mitt Romney's looking better every day, for both parties. Free hairspray for everyone; it's on big government's tab.

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