Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Movie Reviews by Professor Genius

Hello, this week I have been invited to review "pornograms" on behalf of reviewporn.com. I do not care for pornograms in general, as they generally lack the cinematographic aesthetic that I prefer. Nevertheless, I was offered a large stipend, and my roofing needed repair, so I was obliged to review these films. This week, I will review my five favourite pornograms (none of which feature my wife, as I would like to avoid conflicts of interest). - Walt

Das Mädchen Internat

In the MMV drama, "Das Mädchen Internat", director Ferdinand Hillman enters the post-Berlin Wall era with a bang. In the setting of a female community college, the dean decides to bring a small number of male student/helpers. Physics professor, Frau Doktor Jansen (played by the enchanting Kelly Trump) shows her dedication to physics in a unique manner after school. When she discovers one student has special needs, she decides to spend twenty minutes a day in order to keep him from getting behind her female students. Class participation goes down, but in a good way. Her unique methods defy formal educational techniques, but I found them to be quite pleasurable. Her pedagogical devices were not the only devices being used, but I would recommend them for future instruction. A must see for any educator!

4 out of 5 stars

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